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Ever wonder what a firefighter's day includes?

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Why Did You Become a Firefighter?


"I became a firefighter because of the variety of duties, the gratitude/respect you are shown for your service, and of course the adrenaline boost you get when a call comes in.  I like the challenge of learning to deal with ever changing situations and the vast variations from one call to the next.  The large “Family” that you are welcomed into and readily made to feel an important part of, is a great feeling.”  - Jason



 "I chose the fire service because I wanted to use my talents to help people and serve my community.  Sometimes you may save a life.  Sometimes you may calm a frightened child.  When in uniform, you are always a role model that others respect and look up to you.  It is a huge and rewarding responsibility”.  - Dave



"As a firefighter, everyday is exciting where you never know what the next call will bring and it is always gratifying to know you are coming to the aid of someone in distress.  People are always glad to see us come because they know we are here to help them out of a traumatic situation and to make things better.”  - Lyle



"I became a firefighter fulfill my need of community service and helping others.  Firefighting lets me give back to my community and I enjoy the challenges and diversity that come with being a firefighter.”  - Ron


"I wanted to become a firefighter because it was an opportunity to help people. To do something different and challenging. As a firefighter you learn discipline, teamwork, as well as how to push yourself, and remain calm under pressure. It’s a job that you really put your heart into. As a parent this job has also been really good for me, allowing me to be a full time mom on my days off.”  - Toni


"I became a firefighter after seeing a posting in the community. I had just graduated from school and was looking for a career that could both benefit myself as well as the community. As a firefighter you have to be focused, dedicated and adventurous. There is a lot of training and education involved in this career, but it was so rewarding to be able to get on the truck that first day and do my job. Firefighting is a very rewarding profession.”  - AJ



"The reason I became a firefighter was to be able to help people in their time of need.  As a Christian, there is much joy in using a servant’s heart to show compassion to those people I serve.”  - Chuck